Junior college students, Ryan Costello, Russell Lowe, and Dylan McIntyre were hanging out one day imagining “The perfect party.” The more they started brainstorming the more they came to realize that they should make this crazy idea a reality. At a loss for a name, Ryan suddenly remembered a silly song he once wrote, and the gang decided that it was the perfect fit for this extravaganza. It was on that day that We Are Good Friends was born.


The day of the first "We Are Good Friends" event felt like a scene straight out of a movie, not to mention the weather was absolutely perfect. At first people were confused on what they were supposed to do, but as the day progressed they all started doing the same thing... Making Friends! It was at this moment that the gang decided to make it their mission to continue this movement of spreading good vibes everywhere.

WAGF sun.jpg

The team decided to work together in hosting these events everywhere they could. Since then, they have hosted multiple successful events throughout New York with the ultimate goal of hosting We Are Good Friends events all over the world.

If you’d like to get involved in spreading good vibes worldwide click below!  

Creator Ryan Costello in Keswick England

Creator Russell Lowe (center) with two good friends

Creator Dylan McIntyre in Thailand